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Graphs and Networks

Within the framework of the profile "Mathematical Structures and Models" of the University of Osnabrück, a research group interested in "Graphs and Networks" has successfully applied for a Research Training Group funded by the University. The research training group consists of the working groups Algebra/ Discrete Mathematics and Stochastics of the Institute for Mathematics, as well as the working groups Combinatorial Optimization, Distributed Systems, and Theoretical Computer Science of the Institute for Computer Science. In the last few years the involved parties successfully carried out research projects in their own fields with a strong relation to graphs and networks, and are now going to focus their mutual interests even more strongly.

Graphs and networks are models for complex correlations in numerous applications. Characteristic properties of networks are often described by their mathematical structures. In applications, e.g. in communication networks, stochastic models describe the movements of the members of the network, their data communications, and the topological structure of the whole group. From a theoretical point of view, geometric, combinatorial and topological properties of networks, graphs and their subgraphs are of high interest.

On October 1st, 2017, the Research Training Group starts its activities with three PhD students. The common interest in graphs and networks shall be connected by a cross-linkage of different approaches and questions. The research program of this training group therefore focuses on projects in at least two fields of interest, and strengthens the links between the participating institutes.