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International Teaching, Study and Research at the School of Mathematics / Computer Science

The internationalisation of research and, in particular, teaching is one of the central objectives at Osnabrück University. Projects for the systematisation and professionalisation of internationalisation efforts at the university are summarized in the Future Concept UOS 2020.


Research International

The international integration of the research work is diverse. There are bilateral and multilateral cooperations with numerous foreign scientific institutions. Third party funded projects are collected in a university (datebase).

Furthermore, at all institutes foreign PhD students are supervised, who are funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) or other external and foreign sources. The number of foreign PostDocs has also risen in recent years. The latter are also active in teaching, thus increasing the offer of courses in English language.


Teaching International

The School of Mathematics / Computer Science at Osnabrück University offers courses in mathematics and didactics of mathematics, computer science, geoinformatics and environmental systems science.

Descriptions of modules in English language as well as names and e-mail addresses of corresponding course coordinators are given here:

SubjectCourse Coordinator
MathematicsStefan Kunis, Prof. Dr.
Computer ScienceMarkus Chimani, Prof. Dr.
GeoinformaticsThomas Jarmer, Dr.
Environmental Systems ScienceJörg Klasmeier, Dr.

Courses in English Language at Osnabrück University may be found on the webpage Study Courses.


Studies and Internships Abroad

The students of all subjects have the opportunity to take part in study programs abroad. This includes internships. Exchange programs such as ERASMUS+ of the European Union, scholarships of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or of the Fulbright Foundation are helpful. In addition, applications can be submitted to the International Office of the University for funding through the program to increase the mobility of German students (PROMOS, supported by the DAAD) and for mobility grants.

ERASMUS+ partner universities as well as those from outside ERASMUS+ area can be found at the websites of the International Office. Individual applications as so-called freemovers are possible as well.

The websites of the International Office are very informative. Open questions of detail can be clarified there or in a personal discussion with the staff of the International Office or with the School's officer for internationalisation. Currently, this is

Michael Gnewuch, Professor at the Institute of Mathematics. A prior appointment by e-mail is requested.